The Grey’s Scouts were re-formed in 1975 and named the Mounted Infantry Unit. They were renamed the Grey’s Scouts in 1976 and served with distinction until 1980.

Werner Reuteler was the sole maker of Grey’s Scouts badges. The OR’s wore anodised aluminium and the Officers wore ‘Silver’ insignia. The Officers insignia is extremely difficult to find, particularly the Collar badges. As with other Officers insignia made by Reuteler Mfg, these were also made from solid Silver, highly detailed and ‘Struck’ NOT ‘Cast’. The only exception were the SAS Officers Collar badges which were constructed from bi-metal.

An explanation of the difference between ‘Struck’ and ‘Cast’ badges.

Die ‘Struck’ badges are struck from a solid piece of metal, brass etc. In this case they were Silver. They have much better detail and the quality of the finish is much greater. Die ‘Spun’ or ‘Cast’ badges are made from a combination of metals and do not have the 3-D looking effect as much as the Die ‘Struck’ and therefore the detail is much less.

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