The Army had two embroidered patches for all Army personnel. Before about 1970 all units of the Army wore these patches on both arms before the advent of the brigade patches. There were also two similar printed patches. They were normally worn on just the right arm and the relevant Brigade patch was worn on the left arm. The Selous Scouts, SAS and H.Q. personnel however wore the Army patches on both the right and left arm.

1, 2, 3, and 4 Brigade and the Special Forces Brigade all had embroidered patches. 1, 2 and 3 Brigade also had printed patches. 4 Brigade and the Special Forces Brigade did not have a printed patch. 2 Brigade also had a metal badge in the shape of a rhinoceros head that could be worn on the camouflage flap cap or the camouflage bush hat. The Brigade patches were always worn on the left shoulder.

There were five Brigades. They were:

1 Brigade (Matabeleland District, HQ – Bulawayo)

2 Brigade (Mashonaland District, HQ – Salisbury)

3 Brigade (Manicaland District, HQ – Umtali)

4 Brigade (Fort Victoria District, HQ – Fort Victoria)

Special Forces Brigade

The Special Forces Brigade patch was not worn by the Selous Scouts or the SAS. My information is that soldiers attached to Pfumo re Vanhu (Spear of the Nation) were entitled to wear the Special Forces Brigade patch. The Security Force Auxiliaries (Pfumo re Vanhu) were formed in 1978 as a result of the internal political settlement under the leadership of Bishop Musorewa. Musorewa’s guerrillas were used as the basis of a new unit within the Rhodesian Security Forces. The opportunity was used to recruit and train more men from the civilian sector with the primary purpose of deploying them in the Tribal Trust Lands (TTL’s) to protect their own homes.

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