Army Paratrooper Wings were worn by all Army personnel who qualified at the Rhodesian Air Force Parachute Training School at New Sarum and were assigned to airborne units. Some Army personnel also did their Parachute training at Bloemfontein in South Africa due to New Sarum being overburdened. The Paratrooper Qualification Course at Bloemfontein consisted of nine static jumps including a night jump. On return to Rhodesia the Paratroopers would do two conversion jumps as well.

Personnel who had passed the Paratrooper Qualification Course but had yet to be assigned to an airborne unit wore the ‘Lightbulb’ Parachute sleeve badge. When and if they were assigned to an airborne unit they then wore the Army Paratrooper Wings.

The exceptions were the Selous Scouts and the SAS, who had their own Paratrooper Wings.

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