I would like to acknowledge and thank a number of people who have made this web site possible. They have done this by either supplying photos of items I don’t have in my collection so I could use them on this web site or by teaching me about Rhodesian militaria, particularly in the first few years.

Most of the information here would not have been possible if I had not been fortunate enough to have met the acquaintance of two people:

They are James MacKenzie (SA) of Southern Africa Militaria and Craig Fourie (SA). Both are considered world authorities on Rhodesian militaria and have been collecting for decades.

For supplying photos: Graham Spicer (UK), Don Strobaugh, Colonel USAF (Ret)(USA), Michael Simens (USA), Mic Baker (USA), Julian Tennant (AUS) Co-Author “Anzac Elite”, James Morgan (CAN), Shaun Aumua (NZ) and Eric Crepin-Leblond (FR) and Craig Fourie (SA).

Paul Hogan, Air Lieutenant PTS (Ret)(AUS) for his information on parachuting, PTS and the insignia of PJI’s.

Mike Simens (USA) for giving me information about Fireforce vests, uniforms and equipment used by the Rhodesian Security Forces.

Carl Keith (UK) for information regarding the numbers of awards to Rhodesians and for Letters Patent for certain awards and medals.

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