The APJI (Assistant Parachute Jumping Instructor) Wings came in two varieties. One was the Wing for the Dress uniform and the other was for the Combat or Work uniform. Both were not padded. There was no bullion Wing for the APJI’s.

The APJI Wings are mentioned in the ‘Dress Regulations for the Army’ printed in 1967. I deduce then that there was an intention at that time to have a course designed for Assistant Parachute Jumping Instructors. However I have been informed by two former PJI’s that they never saw or heard of any APJI’s at the Parachute Training School from 1965 till 1980. They also never saw any personnel wearing the APJI Wings. I have also been informed that the APJI Wings weren’t produced until late in the war, probably 1979 or 1980. The Wings are undoubtedly Rhodesian but obviously weren’t worn due to there being no positions or courses for APJI’s.

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