This section is not to show and describe every Rhodesian medal but to cover some of the main ones that are faked or copied.

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The Rhodesian General Service Medal (RhGSM) was issued to all members of the Security Forces for service on operations undertaken for the purposes of combating terrorist or enemy incursions into Rhodesia. The RhGSM’s were made from cupro-nickel.

There were two issues of the medal and both issues are shown here. Some collectors believe that there were up to five issues but I disagree with this. The medals were struck and my information is that over time the dies started to wear from the large amount of medals being made. This is why there are a number of variations. Eventually a new die was made and used and this produced what I call the 2nd Issue. I have seen no evidence to suggest that there were more than two dies ever made.

The colours of the ribbon represented the different units of the Security Forces that the medal was awarded to.

Red represented the Rhodesian Army, Cambridge Blue represented the Rhodesian Air Force, and Oxford Blue & Gold represented the British South Africa Police. The RhGSM’s were made by Matthews Manufacturing in Bulawayo.

There were no post nominals for the Rhodesian General Service Medal although myself and other collectors tend to use RhGSM as a short hand way of replacing the long title.