The Bronze Cross of Rhodesia was the third highest award for gallantry for the Army and the Air Force. The medal is in the shape of a Maltese Cross with a bronze lion on a white circle with a black edge and bronze laurel wreath. The construction of the medal was bronze. The two military awards that were higher than the B.C.R. was the Silver Cross of Rhodesia (S.C.R.) awarded for Conspicious Gallantry and the Grand Cross of Valour (G.C.V.) awarded for Conspicious Valour.

There were only two Grand Crosses of Valour (G.C.V.) ever awarded, and 35 Silver Crosses of Rhodesia (S.C.R.) awarded. Though Lt.Colonel Ron Reid-Daly in his book “Pamwe Chete” does state that he had a recommendation made for Lt. Piringondo SCR to be awarded the Grand Cross of Valour. He says that the recommendation was not submitted because the war had ended and the Mugabe government was already in power.

The Bronze Cross of Rhodesia is undoubtedly the most faked of the three awards. There were two variations of the BCR and both are shown here. The difference between the variations is explained next to the various photo’s.

The BCR’s as well as the other Gallantry medals were made by Matthews Manufacturing in Bulawayo.

133 BCR’s were awarded including one bar. The units that won BCR’s were:

 42 Rhodesian Light Infantry

 20 Selous Scouts

 14 1st Battalion Rhodesian African Rifles

   9 2nd Battalion Rhodesian African Rifles

 13 The Rhodesia Regiment

   9 “C” Squadron (Rhodesian) Special Air Service, later 1 (Rhodesian) Special Air Service           Regiment

   6 Rhodesian Air Force

   4 Independent Companies, Rhodesian African Rifles

   3 Guard Force

   2 Grey’s Scouts

   2 Rhodesian Engineer Squadron

   2 Rhodesian Medical Corps

   1 1st Psychological Operations Unit

   1 The Rhodesian Defence Regiment

   1 Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment

   1 The Rhodesian Intelligence Corps

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