There are now many forums and blogs on the net covering a variety of different military topics. Some of the discussion on these forums is related to Rhodesian militaria. On a number of these forums I have read statements or comments about some Rhodesian militaria that is completely false. If someone makes a statement and says that a particular badge or patch is genuine when it is a fake and if no-one corrects that statement, then less experienced collectors can believe that the item is indeed genuine.

I have even seen where a person stated on a forum that a particular Rhodesian item that was genuine had it’s originality questioned by a veteran who had fought in the Bush War. So just because a person served in the military, or a particular unit, it doesn’t make that person an authority on the militaria of that military or the unit in which they served. In fact I remember a friend of mine who served in an

élite unit and when I asked him about the regiments beret badge he looked at me with a blank look and said, “I don’t know mate, I only wore it.”

I am not against forums or blogs but people should be careful as on some forums statements about the genuineness of items is not questioned or questioned very well.

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