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These are some of the comments made to me by people who have visited this web site.

Rob P (former Intaf) - This is just to pass on my appreciation of your website, which I've only come across today. Excellent source, thanks!

Michael W (former BSAP Reserve & PATU) - Comprehensive and thorough, interesting and frankly unique in my experience.

Jim R (former ‘C’ Sqn Rhodesian SAS) - What an excellent site, great to see. I always get thoroughly cheesed off when I see all the fake rubbish being passed off on eBay as genuine Rhodesian Forces issue.

Peter L - Have just visited your website. Great effort in re-designing it. Great seeing the slide show of the units insignia. I am glad you are exposing the fraudsters out there.

Don G - Site is looking fantastic. The images are fabulous in both clarity and filesize.

Ian L (former RLI) - Lekker web site.

Dudley W (former Intaf & SA Recces) - You have done an amazing job of it and I for one, really appreciate your efforts to emphasize the difference between reality and fiction/fake.

Mike H (former Rhodesia Regiment and Rhodesian Air Force) - Great website and professionally run, I don’t know how I have missed it before. Keep up the good work and weed out the fakes and fraudsters!!!

Eric N - I really enjoy your website, it's very informative and the items you show are fantastic. Very nicely done!