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The Rhodesian Militaria Award for Fake Militaria Exposure is awarded my me to a web site or web sites every year. This award is to recognize web sites that knowingly expose fakes and or people who sell fakes as genuine items. It is also to recognize the efforts of people who do their best to help others that are less knowledgeable to be able to tell the difference between the genuine item and the fakes that are on the market.

This award is not limited to just Rhodesian fakes but covers militaria fakes across the board.

Unfortunately today there is an abundance of people selling fakes that they have listed as genuine. This practice has changed many of the ways that we collect and all because some people want to make an easy profit through lying and being deceitful.

Anyone can suggest web sites to me that they think could be eligible for the award. I can be contacted from the Links and Contact page.

Thank you.



2012 Winners



                                                             2011 Inaugural Winner

         Southern Africa Militaria