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  Misrepresented militaria are items that are currently or have been listed for sale that are genuine but are    being knowingly misrepresented in the title or the description and after the sellers have been notified.

  Some of these items are genuine but mislabeled as being Rhodesian.

12 January 2012

Title: Rhodesia military hat, cap, small

Item Number: 330665970197

Listed by: sportscarclassics on eBay.

Description: An original Rhodesia military hat in great condition.  Size is small, approx 5.5" in diameter.

My Observations

Dear rhodesianmilitaria,

I received your message the last time regarding the hat not being an official issue. Your statement about me "keep unlisting and then relisting" sounds like I have done this several times. I have my season for closing several items. If you are not comfortable don't bid. Happy new year and good like.

Carl Pires

- sportscarclassics

The seller has not changed the title, the description or posted my comments so is obviously going to attempt to mislead prospective buyers.

This seller Carl Pires - sportscarclassics listed numerous Rhodesian items on eBay but then ended the listings before the auctions ended. This was done at least twice and I believe he was doing this to raise the price. Another Rhodesian Bush Hat (Item number: 330665974663) sold on the 12 January 2012 for an unbelievable price of US $261.00 (AU $253.77) which raises questions as to why when it had been listed twice before and hadn’t gone over AU$120.

Caveat Emptor!

08 January 2012

Sold 09 January 2012 for £265 (AU$395.63)

Title: Original WWII 8 Medal Air-Crew Europe Group (f&g clasp & Spink box) - Sandford

Item Number: 120835902675

Listed by: artydennis on eBay.

Description:     War / Conflict:  World War II (1939-45)

   Medal / Medals:  War, Defence, 1939-45, Burma, Africa, Air-Crew Europe, Zimbabwe Independence & Rhodesia GSM

   Clasp / Bars:  France & Germany (Air-Crew Europe star) & 8th Army (Africa star)

   Insciption:  Three different medals with different inscriptions (recepient G.J. Sandford)

   Markings on Back:  N/A

   Condition:  Generally Good - on board backing with single pin for wearing

   Additional Details:  Comes with original Spink & Son Box

    Researched:  No

Additional Information

The Three medals with inscriptions are:

My Observations

G. J. SANDFORD served during the Bush War as a BSAP Field Reservist and was entitled to a RhGSM.

The RhGSM showing the letter R for Replacement is not an officially stamped RhGSM and therefore is not genuine altough it is a genuine medal.

There were NO replacements for RhGSM’s.

The clasp on the Air Crew Europe Star and the Africa Star are copies.

The seller of this medal group has been notified by me that the RhGSM is not officially stamped but has decided not to display my comments on the listing.

Caveat Emptor!

   ORIGINAL                                                           HIGHLIGHTED

23 June 2011

The above RhGSM to 727812 Tpr B. Couper I sold to an ebay seller trading as ravo83muz some time ago. He now has that same medal listed for sale on ebay and part of the listing states: “Trooper Rhodesian Infantry RLI (or SAS?)”.

The seller was made fully aware when he bought the medal that Tpr B. Couper had served in the RLI and had NEVER served in the RhSAS.

I also know this dealer from when over a year ago he made a deal with me to buy a group of Rhodesian gallantry medals. The deal was verbal, involved a handshake and was confirmed by him in an email. This person then reneged on the deal without even having the courtesy to tell me. I even sent him an email and stated that if he didn’t want to buy the group anymore at least have the courtesy of telling me. He never replied to this email or the couple before that.

Caveat Emptor!

25 November 2011

The title states:

Part of the sellers description states:

My Observations:

While it is encouraging for sellers to put as much information about an item on the listing as possible it would be beneficial to prospective buyers if it was more factual. While some RhGSM’s to some units of the Rhodesian Security Forces are indeed rare, this is not one of them.

I had a quick look around on the net for about ten minutes for other RhGSM’s that are on the market at this time and this is what I found, 9 RhGSM’s.

3 on eBay to:

5 on Bidorbuy to:

1 on Liverpool Medal Company website

Hardly extremely rare, rare or a rare opportunity. Do not be fooled by extravagant descriptions.

Caveat Emptor!