The OR’s insignia was made by Reuteler Manufacturing and were constructed of anodised aluminium.

The first issue in 1974 were unstamped but the second issue was stamped on the reverse of the beret badge only. The collar badges remained unstamped.

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I was sent some photos of an  Selous Scout OR’s 2nd issue beret badge and I was asked whether it was genuine. The person had won the badge on eBay. Looking at the photos I was put in a bit of a dilemma because everything about the reverse of the badge I liked except the round part of the lugs appeared to be square instead of convex. I informed the owner exactly that but said I didn’t like that part of the lugs and then offered him some scenarios why the lugs might be like they are.

I then received an email from the seller of the badge asking me whether I would confirm for him whether the badge was fake or genuine. I believed the badge was genuine but I couldn’t confirm that because of the top shape of the lugs. I decided to go through my collection of Selous Scouts OR’s beret and collar badges to see if I could find one with similar shaped lugs.

As it turned out I had a photo of a Selous Scout OR’s 2nd issue beret badge that I had had in my collection. It turned out that this badge’s top lug was similar to the lugs on the badge I had been asked to give my opinion about. This confirmed to me that the badge in question was indeed genuine and once again it shows that we, including myself, never stop learning.

The above badge is the one in question. Notice the square edge of the top of the lugs which is what first worried me in regard to authenticating it. The stamping, position of the lugs and solder showing where the lug holes are is normal for this badge.

The above badge is the one in question but looking at the top of the lugs. This photo shows that the two lugs are indeed almost flat on top and not convex which is what all Reuteler made lugs were.

The above badge used to be in my collection. It is also a 2nd issue badge and you can clearly see that the top lug is in fact flatter on top and flat on the sides. While the bottom lug is rounded which is what one normally sees in Reuteler made lugs.

I don’t know why this is and these are the only two samples I have ever seen like this. It might have been when the aluminium used for the lugs reached the end of the roll that for whatever reason it was squashed but was still able to be used. As I say, I don’t know but the badges are definitely genuine.